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Expert interview with Benjamin Brodbeck from the Ginger Manufacture

Last Wednesday we visited the "Ingwer Manufaktur"! Here, 100% organic ginger and turmeric juice is freshly squeezed.

We at nginious! use these high-quality ingredients in some of our products, which come fresh from the ginger manufacture.

Today we don't want to talk about gin, but about ginger! Benjamin Brodbeck from the Ginger Manufactory in Basel gave us some exciting facts about ginger in an expert interview that we absolutely want to share with you!

It's best to watch the video right away to find out more.

Have fun!

Brief summary of the most important contents of the expert interview:

  • The ginger is chopped into small pieces, pressed and finally comes out of the bottom of the machine as juice.

  • The Ginger Manufactory processes Japanese Yellow Ginger; an organic ginger from Peru.

  • This type of ginger grows small and stocky, as it grows at a fairly high altitude in Peru.

  • What is special about this type of ginger is the good taste, that it is very spicy, and that the ginger is particularly juicy and has a very nice color.

  • Ginger is generally toning and disinfecting for the body.

  • The spiciness of ginger helps if you are a little hoarse or have a cold or if you want to prevent a cold.

  • The ginger roots are in the ground for about 8 months before it can be harvested.

  • The first thing you notice about the taste of ginger is its spiciness, it is earthy, but also very refreshing and invigorating.

You can find more information about the ginger manufacture here: https://www.ingwer-manufaktur.ch/

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