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Fruity yellow and full of freshness - the lemon!

All of us already know the lemon - but how well do we really know it?

In our third and final article on the botanicals of our YELLOW Gin, everything revolves around the yellow fruit.

Did you know, for example, that lemons grow on evergreen trees?

More interesting facts about lemons:

  • Lemons have a juicy and acidic flesh.

  • The pulp of the lemon contains about 3.5-8% citric acid.

  • Lemon trees grow up to 20 feet high.

  • Lemons are rich in vitamin C.

  • Lemon trees bear fruit all year round.

  • An average lemon contains 8 seeds.

  • From an average lemon you can squeeze three tablespoons of juice.

  • One lemon contains about 15 calories.

  • In the past, lemons were so rare that kings gave them to each other as gifts.

  • With 500 wired lemons you can supply a light bulb with enough electricity.

That sounds all well and good.

But what exactly do you need lemons for?

What you can do with lemons:

  • Put a slice of lemon in any beverage for decoration and for a fresh taste.

  • Boil lemon peel with ginger, turmeric and honey to make a delicious and healthy tea.

  • Use lemon juice for cooking - it adds a refreshing note to your favourite dishes.

  • Because lemons contain so much citric acid, you can also use them to remove stains.

  • If you sprinkle lemon juice on other fruits, they will remain fresh longer.

  • With lemon juice, you can even add highlights to your hair in summer.

  • And of course it fits very well in all kinds of drinks 🍸

We hope you have learned something new and remain curious!

See you next time!

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