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Silky soft with a strong colour - curcuma!

In the last blog post, Benjamin Brodbeck from the Ginger Manufactory has already revealed some exciting facts about ginger.

In our nginious! Colours YELLOW Gin, ginger is included as a botanical. But of course we would also like to tell you more about curcuma - the second of our three special YELLOW botanicals. Today we continue with a second expert opinion from Benjamin Brodbeck.

In the following video you can learn more about curcuma.

Have fun! P.S. the video is in Swiss German - so we hope you'll understand it & if not, feel free to ask any questions you might have. We have also added a small summary of the video content below the video :-)

The most important facts from the video:

  • Curcuma from Peru, in organic quality.

  • The curcuma in the video has been freshly washed and is then juiced.

  • The ingredient curcumin is bound to fat, therefore curcuma stains are very difficult to clean (tip: always use fat cleaner).

  • Compared with ginger, curcuma has no pungency, but a velvety smooth taste in drinks.

  • The curcumin colours all of your beverage when curcuma is added, surprisingly not to orange, but to a rich yellow.

We hope this article has taught you a little more insider knowledge about curcuma and hope you enjoy trying it!

In the third botanicals article we will tell you a little more about lemons.

See you soon!

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