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Smoked Apple

5 minutes

The Drink

Smoked Apple

The Steps

  • Put all ingredients except the cider in a shaker with ice and shake.

  • Strain in a glas over ice.

  • (Or you can stirr all ingredtiens in a glass)

  • Decorate with a dired caramelised apple slice

  • Enjoy! 

If you want to do the apple slices by yourself you can either dry them for hours in your oven or you rub the apples with sugar and burn the sugar with a bunsen burner (just like Creme Brulet).

The Ingredients

  • 4cl nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin

  • 4cl fresh lemon juice

  • 1cl Elderflower syrup

  • ice

  • 10cl Cider

  • dried apple slice

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